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Where We've Been

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Eris has undertaken numerous projects in Africa including:
  • ERIS and The Carter Center undertook a joint project to observe instances of election-related violence in Sudan in March and April 2010.
  • ERIS sent an election expert on behalf of DfID to evaluate the implementation of the Rwanda National Electoral Commission’s Strategic Plan in September 2009.
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Independent Election Commission in order to deliver free, fair and transparent elections in Lesotho
  • Lead technical advisor for the planning and implementation of the Consitutional Review Commission's civic education programmes in Swaziland
  • Needs Assessment for the Rwanda Presidential and Parliamentary elections
  • Assessment of election environment for DFID in Nigeria
  • Setting up a voter registration systme in Zanzibar
  • On behalf of the FCO and DFID, ERIS provided technical assistance advising the St Helena Government on best practice for a consultative poll on consitutional reform, as well as providing advice in the PR campaign, and the technical conduct of the poll itself.
  • ERIS provided technical input into the UN integrated elections support mission, assisting with the detailed 'lessons learned' exercises. A review of DFID activities was provided, as well as the provision of a series of recomendations for future UK support.
  • ERIS participated in an audit of the electoral process in Botswana in 2009, and in 2010 an ERIS expert took part in an Independent Electoral Commission workshop to discuss recommendations for improvements to the process.
  • On behalf of UNDP, ERIS provided an assessment of the 2006 local elections in Rwanda.
  • Electoral education programme for high-school children in Ghana and Cameroon
  • Domestic observer programme assistance in the Republic of Congo
  • Electoral Technical Assistance to Mali
  • Civic education and election observation of the 2000 Referendum on Political Systems, the 2001 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, and the 2001-2002 local council elections in Uganda
Eris has undertaken numerous projects in Americas including:
  • ERIS, working on behalf of DFID, provided a series of possible additional verification activities of the 2006 Preliminary list of voters.
  • Working on behalf of the EC, ERIS provided a continuous strategic analsis of the ongoing electoral process in Guyana ahead of the 2006 general elections.
  • Technical Assistance and media training to the Central Election Commission of Guyana prior to the 2001 elections
  • Consultants and electoral experts for the European Union exploratory mission to Colombia
  • Providing Head of Mission for European Union observation mission in Guyana
  •  Providing Head of Mission for United Nations observation in Guyana
  • Forum in Peru for South American Domestic Observation
  • ERIS was asked by the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands to provide an observation and assesment of the 2007 General Elections. more..
Eris has undertaken numerous projects in Europe including:
  • ERIS recruits UK observers for all EU missions, and over one third of all OSCE observation missions.
  • OSCE Observation more..
Former Soviet Union
Eris has undertaken numerous projects in Former Soviet Union including:
  • ERIS recruited five UK Long-Term Election Observers (LTOs) on behalf of the UK Government for an OSCE mission to the Ukraine in November 2009. The LTOs were joined by 18 Short-Term Observers (STOs) from the UK in January 2010 to observe the process around the Presidential Elections.
Middle East
Eris has undertaken numerous projects in Middle East including:
  • ERIS provided a series of consultants to assist with the Political Participation Fund (PPF), a DFID bilateral progromme of aid for the reconstruction of Iraq. The fund targets marginalised groups that have hitherto been denied a meaningful voice within their country.