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What We Do

Electoral Reform International Services (ERIS) is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation which provides expert advice and assistance on electoral and other democratic arrangements. ERIS’s parent body is the UK Electoral Reform Society, which has been working for better elections since 1884.

ERIS is probably best known for its work on Election Observation and the Training of Election Observers. ERIS recruits and manages UK election observers on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for European Union and OSCE election observation missions. ERIS also runs its own training courses for observers, trains observers for individual governments and for five years provided all observer training for the European Commission.

ERIS also provides Expert Assistance for election management bodies and other key democracy institutions and maintains a roster of more than 400 practitioners. ERIS experts cover the full range of democratic assistance - advising on election laws, helping to organise civic and voter education, assisting in the design of voter registration arrangements, organising schemes to promote political parties’ internal democracy and financial transparency, media training, guidance on election day management - in short, all forms of expert assistance.

ERIS also organises various Democracy Support programmes and activities - workshops on democratic issues, training courses, assessment missions, project management for multi-donor projects and collaboration with civil society (in particular with domestic election observer bodies, political parties, women’s groups, ex-combatants and marginal groups).

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