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Tanzania: Political Party Capacity-Building

ERIS, with local partner Essen Tanzania, has been awarded a contract by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to train political parties in Tanzania and Zanzibar in preparation for the forthcoming 2010 election.

The project aims to enhance the capacity of political parties to engage in the democratic process and thereby to make a positive contribution to long-term stability and a sustainable culture of democracy.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • To enhance political parties’ understanding of electoral rules and processes and enable them to contribute towards ensuring the credibility and transparency of the elections;
  • To increase political parties’ ability to interact with the media;
  • To improve political parties’ capacity to train party agents to observe polling, counting and result aggregation;
  • To encourage parties to understand and engage with the needs of women, youth and first-time voters, non-literate and minority groups during the campaign.

The project is taking place as part of UNDP’s Electoral Support Project, which was launched in 2009.

These aims will be achieved through a series of workshops covering electoral legal framework, political parties' media interaction and vulnerable groups’ needs and ways to address them during the election.

Additionally, over 230 workshops will be delivered to train political parties’ resource persons to enable them to subsequently train, deploy, supervise and debrief party agents on Election-Day.

For more information please contact beata[at]eris.org.uk