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Democrat of the Year Award

This ERIS award will be made to a civil society activist in a non-OECD country who has made a significant contribution to taking forward the cause of democracy. More information>

Annual Report 2010

ERIS's activities in 2010 and our plans for the future. Read the report (300kb PDF)


View updated election calendars, recent election observer reports, key publications and more information on observing elections here>

Tunisia Electoral Assistance Project



ERIS is currently conducting an EU-funded project to provide advice to the election authorities in a number of areas in the run-up and immediately following the 23 October 2011 constituent assembly elections.  The project includes provision of expertise in electoral operations, legal framework, training and public outreach.  In addition, ERIS is working with two partner organisations - Osservatorio di Pavia (Italy) to provide support for a media monitoring unit and the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Sweden) to conduct electoral training for police.