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ERIS provides assistance and advice through partnerships with those involved in building democracy

Elections Assistance in Tunisia


ERIS Projects

Since April 2011 ERIS has implemented a European Commission-funded project to support the conduct of democratic elections in Tunisia. The technical advisory services provided by ERIS included expertise on the legal framework, training, election operations and public outreach.


Supporting Community Radio Stations

Cote d'Ivoire


ERIS Projects

ERIS is running a one-year project in Côte d'Ivoire designed to improve the capacity of the country's media to report impartially and accurately on the democratic process.


EU project on election observation EODS


A consortium including ERIS is implementing the EU’s Election Observation and Democratic Support (EODS) project. EODS aims to strengthen the integrity of election observation, and ensure that the EU's methodology remains at the forefront of international observation. More

Over the last two decades we have built a reputation for:

The map below provides details of our work across the world. Click on a marker for more information about a project in that country:


We focus on collaborating with grassroots civil-society organisations working to prevent election-related conflict, to hold elected representatives to account, to empower women, ethnic and religious minorities and to promote citizen participation in the democratic process.

Managing major projects 

We have a strong track record of designing, creating and managing major projects.  Some examples from recent years:

  • TUNISIA 2011: €1.6m electoral assistance project with the country's election commission, funded by the European Commission
  • TANZANIA 2011: US $1.48m project to train party activists in election procedures and working with the media, funded by UN Development Programme
  • SUDAN 2010: US $250,000 project working with Sudanese NGOs to monitor and document election-related violence up to, during and after the April elections, funded by UNDP and DFID via the Carter Center
  • ZIMBABWE 2009-10: US $250,000 regeneration of the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN)'s citizen observer network, funded by UNDEF
  • COTE D’IVOIRE 2008-10: €0.58m electoral education and information campaign, funded by the European Commission
  • NEEDS II 2005-7:   €1.77m provision of Network of Europeans for Electoral and Democracy Support, funded by the European Commission
  • LIBERIA 2005-6: €1.53m elections programme with civil society, funded by European Commission
  • ETHIOPIA 2005-6: €1.42m, Electoral Support Programme with NEBE (Election Commission), funded by the European Commission
  • UGANDA 2005-10: Management of US $22m multi-donor ‘Deepening Democracy Programme’