ERIS has promoted the observation of the electoral process since the organisation was founded in 1992.

Today, ERIS:

shortlists suitable British citizens to enable the Foreign Office to provide the UK’s observers for European Union and OSCE election observation missions. We are one of three organisations to do this for OSCE missions and the only one to do so for all EU missions. We also manage the deployment of UK members of OSCE missions.


• provides experts for European Commission ‘Exploratory Missions’ before the despatch of EU observers. The purpose of this is, in part, to assess the feasibility of an election observation mission .

• works with citizen observers. During the six years our consortium ran the EU NEEDS (Network of Europeans for Electoral and Democracy Support) project, ERIS trained and in other ways assisted citizen observer groups from Lima to Jakarta.

supports - and helped to prepare - the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation which, together with its associated Code of Conduct, represents the international consensus on how international election observation should be conducted.