Our Mission

Our approach is summed up by our Vision Statement: We have a vision of a future in which citizens everywhere can exercise their rights and fulfil their potential in conditions of political, social and economic freedom. To that end, ERIS is committed to providing assistance and advice of the highest quality through partnerships with those involved in building democracy.

ERIS in Cote d'Ivoire

ERIS' website provides training manuals, websites and blogs for community radio programming and on issues including reconciliation and social cohesion. More> 


ERIS Annual Democracy Lecture

ERIS organises an annual lecture in solidarity with those working for democracy around the world. Read, watch and listen to previous lectures here.

Citizens' Rights

We believe that citizens and their rights should be central to any democratic arrangement.

Our work with election management bodies and other democracy institutions is designed not only to promote competence, efficiency, responsiveness and accountability but, above all, to ensure that citizens can enjoy their democratic rights to the full.

Similarly, the purpose of our work with civil society and grassroots NGOs - promoting active participation, honest representation, transparency and confidence in democratic processes - is to ensure that citizens can enjoy their democratic rights to the full.


What we do matters. But how we do it matters too.  So the other key word in our Vision Statement is ‘partnership’.  Wherever we work, our assistance and advice is always designed and delivered in partnership with those building democracy in that country.


Gender and Democracy

We strive to ensure that women and men have the same level of access to ERIS' projects.

ERIS works with women’s civil society organisations to promote participation in the democratic process and equal access to information. Our arrangements are sensitive to the needs of all groups and we always use gender-neutral language. 


ERIS believes that those involved in building democracy should work with young people to enable them to become responsible and active citizens.

We reflect that approach in our own projects.