ERIS project organises deployment of domestic observers for Iraq's federal elections

May 2014

ERIS is managing a project to deploy domestic observers to three regions of Iraq to assess 60 incoming and recounting centres, which - following a recent amendment to the election law - are charged with recounting the voting results submitted by the polling centres.

The assignment aims to evaluate the compliance of the Iraqi electoral process to international and domestic standards. 

Early voting in Iraq's 2010 elections - Photo: Al Jazeera English under a Creative Commons licence

Two key experts deployed in Baghdad/Centre, Erbil/North and Basra/South will secure 120 domestic observers, who will cover the incoming and recounting centres, and receive training based on a sound methodology.

The experts will collect the domestic observers’ reports and other relevant information, and the Team Leader will submit a final report on the observation.

The project is funded by the European Commission.