Read our latest Annual Report

February 2014

ERIS's 2012 Annual Report is now published, highlighting our work in 2012 and plans for the future. Read it here:

Our Chair, Keith Best, introduces the Annual Report:

ERIS is gaining strength and making a real impact in the field. Our partners continue to play a vital role. At the very centre of our work is the effort to ensure that citizens can exercise their rights in full and that elections are managed honestly, efficiently and impartially. These are some of the key themes that emerge from this Annual Report.

Our principal theme this year, however, is ‘strengthening the democratic environment’ because that was our main objective in 2012. During the year we and our local partners organised programmes and projects to:
  • prevent election-related violence;
  • enhance the capability of election management bodies, throughout the cycle;
  • promote transparency, a robust legal framework and effective enforcement concerning the role of money in the democratic process;
  • support the development of objective, balanced and professional media coverage of politics;
  • strengthen civil society’s capability to play a constructive part in the democratic process;
  • enable women to contest political positions and to participate in the process; and
  • ensure that citizens – especially women, young people and those in rural areas – are aware of their rights, the way their country’s democracy works and how they can join in.

Today it is clearer than ever that the integrity of any part of the democratic process is critically influenced by the context in which it takes place. ERIS still trains and nominates observers and provides experts for the election itself because it matters that arrangements on and around election day work well.

That by itself, however, cannot be enough. For the election – or any other part of the cycle – to be credible the wider democratic environment as a whole must be credible too. What is required from ERIS today, and increasingly in the future, is a long-term approach focusing on key features of the wider democratic environment. That is the message of this year’s Annual Report.