ERIS continues its support for civic education in Tunisia

September 2013

In continued collaboration with the Tunisian Ministry of Education, ERIS is providing additional training to Ministry officials, teachers and students in secondary schools across Tunisia to sustain the established national civic education campaign ahead of anticipated elections.

The project will build on the achievements of the 2012 civic education project, which conducted cascade training at every level within the Tunisian educational system. The aim is to further enhance the capacity of the 56 previously trained school inspectors and counselors on the BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) methodology and relevant electoral context in Tunisia. These trainers will then go on to train an additional 504 teachers, who will in turn teach 25,200 final year students on the electoral process and voter information to promote wider political participation.

A coordination group within the Ministry of Education will work on developing a sound civic education module to support these trainings. In addition, ERIS will be conducting citizenship activities to students and launching for the second year the ‘Civic Engagement Youth Day’ across schools in Tunisia. Updates on the project can be found on the project website which will resume shortly following commencement of activities.

Once again, the project is funded by the FCO Arab Partnership Fund (APF) Programme and is scheduled to last until the end of the year.

Other projects in Tunisia

As well as its work with the Ministry of Education, ERIS has run a rural outreach voter education programme in central and southern Tunisia, organised election training for police and held electoral dispute roundtables for participants including magistrates.

Photo: European Parliament under a Creative Commons licence