ERIS to support Lebanese organisation in election observation training

April 2013

ERIS has won the EU-funded ‘Support to Electoral Reform in Lebanon’ project as part of a consortium led by local organisation, Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE).


 ERIS will provide support to LADE in the area of election observation training and the development of an advocacy strategy for electoral reform ahead of June 2013 parliamentary elections. The project will be phased in three stages; advocacy for changes to the legal electoral framework prior to Elections, strengthening domestic observation mechanisms on Election Day and monitoring and lobbying for reforms after elections.

The beneficiaries will be local civil society, particularly youth and women voters, in the hope of enhancing wider political participation and awareness of the electoral process in Lebanon. The project is worth €2.5m.

Other projects in Lebanon

ERIS nominated experts for a European Commission project that aimed to improve parliamentary efficiency From December 2011 to February 2012. The project related to Lot 7, which deals with the fields of culture, governance and home affairs.

In 2009, we managed an EU exploratory mission to Lebanon examining the political situation, in-country security, electoral law and election preparations, and reported back with recommendations on the feasibility and design of the observation mission itself. We also short-listed observers for the EU observation mission in the country during the elections.

Photos: Hibr and Sana Tawileh under a Creative Commons licence