Malawi: ERIS workshop provides training on developing effective civic education projects

March 2012

ERIS and the Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) have carried out a three-part training workshop series on various aspects of the electoral process since December 2011.

The third workshop in this series is currently under way. The final workshop focuses on the design, organisation and evaluation of effective issue-based civic education projects.

This is an area in which all activity needs to be strongly tailored to local customs, patterns of communication and capacities, so we have chosen Robert Silungwe, a local facilitator and specialist in civic education, to accompany MESN’s facilitator Aloisious Nthenda, who has co-facilitated with ERIS experts throughout the series.

The pair will place greater emphasis on use of the vernacular in both presentations and exercises during the training.


Malawi elections, 2009. Photo: Commonwealth Secretariat  (Creative Commons)

Among the themes covered during the training are: learner-centered methodologies for civic education; basic steps for designing civic education and voter mobilization strategies; components of civic education and voter mobilization strategies; and measuring impact of civic/voter education activities.

ERIS earlier carried out two workshops on election standards and principles, and on election best practice. These were attended by 102 participants drawn from civil society organisations participating inthe MESN network, and included 14 representatives of the Malawi Elections Commission.

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