ERIS experts support electoral processes in Jordan, Lebanon and Pakistan

March 2012

Experts nominated by ERIS have recently deployed on three European Commission projects that fall under Lot 7, which deals with the fields of culture, governance and home affairs.


The project, which started in February, supports the independent electoral commission and citizens' awareness campaigns on the country's new electoral framework. The expert will formulate a programme proposal for EU support in these areas.


The project, which ran from December 2011 to February 2012, aimed to enhance parliamentary efficiency. Our expert will be identifying possible intervention areas and defining the implementation methodology and tools that the EU shall use in these areas to support the Lebanese Parliament.


The mission, which is running from February to March 2012, aims to support the EU in the formulation of a support programme that contributes to the strengthening of the Pakistani parliament. The experts will be critically examining working practices of provincial assemblies and their parliamentary committees and prepare intervention strategies for them.

ERIS experts can advise election management bodieson subjects including pre-election planning, electoral laws, gender and elections, prevention of election-related violence, civic and voter education, voter registration, political parties, civil society, media and election-day management.