Tunisia: ERIS runs rural voter education programme

March 2012

As part of the UK government’s Arab Partnership programme, ERIS undertook a rural outreach voter education programme in Tunisia aimed at energising and informing citizens living in remote and rural areas about the way democratic institutions work and what it means for their lives.  Voter education caravans linked up with locally based civic educators to reach 22,000 citizens in central and southern Tunisia in September and October 2011.

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ERIS worked with other established civil society organisations to identify and train eight representatives from around the country, who in turn trained another 40 people. Efforts were focused on individuals able to reach out to disadvantaged groups such as unemployed youth and women.

The trainees became experts on the elections process (and Tunisia’s democratic transition in general) and learned how to spot and mitigate election-related tensions in their communities. When their training was complete, these civic educators went out into their communities and start informing and motivating voters ahead of the elections.

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Photo: European Parliament under a Creative Commons licence