Ethiopia: ERIS produces reports on media sector

July 2011

ERIS recently conducted three projects to inform international and domestic actors about media trends in Ethiopia. The projects, which were funded by the British Embassy in Ethiopia and the Department for International Development (DFID), were designed to contribute to the development of a more vibrant and professional media.


ERIS conducted a nationwide audience survey that aimed at improving the professionalism of editorial practices in the media and highlighting the need for an audience-focused approach.

ERIS also drew up a comparative report to provide a resource to media stakeholders and government officials involved in drawing up a regulatory media council. The report, which assessed media councils in locations including to design an institution that will effectively adjudicate complaints from members of the public. The media-mapping exercise also aims to produce a comprehensive to enable the media council to regulate media activity more effectively.

Read the reports:

Ethiopia audience survey (2MB PDF)

Ethiopia media mapping (1.9MB PDF)

Ethiopia media council report (4MB PDF)