ERIS Consultant Task Group - Conflict and Democracy

December 2010

ERIS is organising a Consultant Task Group on conflict and democracy, at which experts in the field will discuss the state of the sector and exchange ideas. The purpose is to broaden our relationship with known experts in the field, deepen our understanding and examine the implications for ERIS.

In the past ERIS’ particular concern has been to find effective ways of monitoring and preventing election-related violence and, in that context, we have been especially interested in working with the media, with young people and with grassroots organisations.

ERIS has experience of working in conflict and post-conflict situations (such as Liberia’s first election after the civil war) and on preparations for contentious  elections (such as Ethiopia in 2005). In 2010 we worked in Cote d’Ivoire, Somaliland and Sudan. In Sudan we managed a project to help Sudanese civil society organisations monitor election-related violence ahead of the April elections (see the Annual Report  for more information).

The meeting is for experts with five to ten years experience of working in conflict countries. If you are interested in participating in this discussion please send your CV to Christopher Child or Grace Favrel at the ERIS office ( or