Somaliland - Independent International Experts Assessment

August 2010

ERIS recently completed an Independent International Experts Assessment for the Somaliland National Electoral Commission.

This Assessment resulted from the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Upcoming Presidential Elections of Somaliland signed on September 29th 2009 between the three parties. This MoU calls for the establishment of the dates for the new elections to be made on technical rather than political grounds by the National Electoral Commission.

The ERIS Experts submitted their recommendations to the Commission at the end of 2009, including on how to refine the provisional voter list, and on the timetable under which the remaining preparations for the election can be held. They have also provided induction training for the new Somaliland National Electoral Commissioners in conjunction with other specialist organisations.

ERIS supplied four experts for this mission including specialists in election management; voter registration and electoral processes; security and logistics; and election administration training.

In 2010, ERIS has sent further experts to support the National Election Commission in the build-up to elections.  This includes two experts in Voter Registration and the verification of databases, to assist in cleaning and validating the Voter Register.