Training is one of ERIS’ core activities.

It is an essential means of passing on democratic good practice and an understanding of the principles on which democracy is based.

We are active in the following areas:



EU project on election observation EODS


A consortium including ERIS is implementing the EU’s Election Observation and Democratic Support (EODS) project. EODS aims to strengthen the integrity of election observation, and ensure that the EU's methodology remains at the forefront of international observation. More

Training International Observers

ERIS has a particularly strong reputation for training election observers. Individuals who want to become long-term international election observers on OSCE or European Union Election Observer Missions can attend regular courses in London organised by ERIS. More information here.

ERIS organises training courses overseas at the request of governments and other organisations. We also collaborate with other organisations to train Short-Term Observers.

Citizen Election Observers

Citizen election observation is now at least as important as its international counterpart. ERIS has been one of the leading trainers of citizen election observers anywhere in the world for the past ten years. We also train civil society organisers so that they can act as effective democracy activists in their own countries.

Tailored Courses

ERIS can design tailored courses for election management bodies and train journalists to provide fair reporting and informed comment throughout the election period. Our most recent training materials are designed to help journalists reporting on election-related conflict.

Our Approach

All ERIS training is based on best practice in adult training techniques. It emphasises real-world experience, promotes interactive learning and places a high value on a 'good fit' with local needs and flexible course design.