ERIS in Cote d'Ivoire

ERIS' website provides training manuals, websites and blogs for community radio programming and on issues including reconciliation and social cohesion. More> 


ERIS Annual Democracy Lecture

ERIS organises an annual lecture in solidarity with those working for democracy around the world. Read, watch and listen to previous lectures here.


View updated election calendars, recent election observer reports, key publications and more information on observing elections here>

Electoral Reform Society

ERIS has its offices in the headquarters building of the Electoral Reform Society (ERS), which established ERIS in 1992. ERS was founded in 1884, campaigns for electoral reform in general - and the adoption of the Single Transferable Vote form of proportional representation in particular - and produces respected research reports. For further information go to

The Society has a number of businesses/affiliate organisations:

Electoral Reform Services

Electoral Reform Services Limited (ERSL) is part of the ERS family of organisations and runs elections for non-governmental organisations – professional associations, trade unions, business corporations and so on - in the UK and elsewhere. The ERSL website is at


Membership Engagement Services

Membership Engagement Services (MES) is a wholly owned subsidiary business of ERSLs.  MES works to enhance democracy within organisations by engaging effectively with members, electorates and staff. The MES website is at


Xpress Software Solutions

Xpress Software Solutions is a majority owned subsidiary business of ERSLs.  Xpress assists local councils to manage their elections, accounts and communications. The Xpress website is at


Modern Mindset

Modern Mindset is a wholly owned subsidiary of Xpress Software Solution's.  Its decision-management systems assist local government in their democratic duties. The website is at


The McDougall Trust

The McDougall Trust is an independent charity whose principal objective is to advance knowledge on elections, voting systems and representative democracy through research. The Trust publishes a periodical on representative democracy, Representation, and maintains the Lakeman Library for Electoral Studies. The trust's website is at