ERIS runs projects of all kinds. 

In 2010, for instance, we managed a US $1.5m project in Africa for the United Nations Development Programme.

Here we provide detail on some of our larger projects.  We describe smaller-scale technical assistance on our Expert Assistance page.


Elections Assistance in Tunisia


ERIS Projects

Since April 2011 ERIS has implemented a European Commission-funded project to support the conduct of democratic elections in Tunisia. The technical advisory services provided by ERIS included expertise on the legal framework, training, election operations and public outreach.


Strengthening the capacity of civil-society organisations in Madagascar

ERIS Projects

ERIS is implementing the PACTE project (“Project d’Appui à la Crédibilité et a la Transparence des Elections à Madagascar”) together with the European Center for Electoral Support (ECES) and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA). More

Global Campaign Finance Monitoring

ERIS Projects

ERIS is launching a project funded by the European Union and the Department for International Development seeking to monitor campaign spending by political parties, through the training of civil society organisations.


ERIS aims to be at the forefront of traditional democracy assistance and advice projects.

At the same time we are developing new areas of work, in particular to strengthen those working to encourage citizen participation and to prevent conflict:
• Citizen Scrutiny of Parliament – we promote the ‘Parliamentary Scorecard' as a way of communicating information on MPs’ activities;

• Media in Conflict Environments – we prepare training courses for journalists in conflict environments;

• Disadvantaged Groups – we co-operate with in-country partners to help those in under-represented and disadvantaged groups to participate in the political process - women, ethnic and religious minorities, young people and people with disabilities, amongst others;

• Election-related Conflict – ERIS works with civil society bodies on ways of monitoring election-related violence, and for the future wants to help NGOs to resolve conflict.