ERIS in Cote d'Ivoire

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ERIS Annual Democracy Lecture

ERIS organises an annual lecture in solidarity with those working for democracy around the world. Read, watch and listen to previous lectures here.

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The application process for Election Observation Missions is different for OSCE and EU missions. Choose one of the options below to view the process.

OSCE Missions

Submit Expression of Interest to ERIS

ERIS recruits UK citizens for specific OSCE/ODIHR missions on a case-by-case basis. We do not automatically recruit for all Election Observation Missions.

When an announcement is circulated, applicants must submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) to Applications made over the phone will not be considered. Applicants must:


  1. Certify their availability for the entire deployment period;
  2. Certify that they are medically fit to endure physically strenuous situations;
  3. Provide a single paragraph motivation statement detailing their specific experience relevant to the mission they are applying for. Please bear in mind the selection criteria in preparing this statement.


Submit CV

The Expression of Interest must be accompanied by an up-to-date CV, preferably in the ERIS CV Pro Forma. A reference to a CV registered on the EU Roster (see EU Missions) is also acceptable.

Submit Equal Opportunities Survey

Complete an equal opportunities survey (link), specifying the mission for which you are applying in the first question.

Selection Process

ERIS reviews all applications according to OSCE selection criteria. We then provide a shortlist of the required number of candidates to the OSCE, from which a smaller final list will be created.

We file all applications received and only begin to review them for selection once the date has passed. If your query is urgent, please use the subject line “EOM - URGENT RE SELECTION PROCEDURE”. Please bear with us if it still takes a few hours – we have a small team. Please also make sure you use the email specified in the advertisement.

Please note that the OSCE retains final control over observer selection. Shortlisting does not guarantee selection. ERIS will select observers only from those who provide a full EoI. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, it is not possible to contact unsuccessful candidates individually